How we help your organisation

Our 3 integrative solutions


Implement a mental health and wellbeing initiative within your organisation to create change. 

We perform an assesment of the level of mental wellbeing in your team and design programs according to your needs and defined objectives. 

 We help you execute the initiative on-site whilst providing workshops, talks, trainings, coaching and more. 


All the tools you need to change a workplace.

Discover world-class programs, talks and resources on mindfulness, transformation, authentic happiness and more, with contributions from some of the most revered names in the field.

Experience the game-changing benefits of integrated mindfulness with the Awakened Mind App.


Become a SupaWell facilitator. Our trainings empower your trainers and wellbeing ambassadors to facilitate and execute the SupaWell method. 

Train your trainers to support your wellbeing initiative from within your organisation. 

The training also integrates the Awakened Mind app as your internal support tool.    

Your Outcomes

Redu​ce stress

Maximise engagement

Value your investment

How equipped are your people to thrive under workplace stress and challenges?

Wellbeing initiatives are no longer a “nice to have.” Today, workforce culture has become more diverse. With globalisation and diversity, multi-generation workforce are more varied and complex. The pressing question now is, how equipped are your people to thrive under stress, respond to dynamic challenges and remain engaged? 

Experience how the SupaWell method and integrated wellbeing can empower your workforce to thrive.