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5N6D Wellbeing Retreat - Become SupaWell

6-10 June 2020

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5 Nights 6 Days


  • Nearest airport: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Arrival: Day 1 at 13:00
  • Departure: Day 6 after 15:00
  • Price: EUR 875 (early bird until 1 April 2020) - EUR 995 / person (regular price after 2 April 2020)



Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and in need of a break?

Step away from responsibilities of every day life, reconnect with your authentic self and rediscover your body.

Experience meditation and mindful movement surrounded by beautiful nature at a sanctuary build for healing and transformation in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

There is no greater gift than reconnecting with your natural state, reaching states of inner peace and finding freedom in movement and thought. 

During the retreat can expect to gain:
  • Clarity of mind
  • A deeper connection to yourself
  • A much deserved rest

Daily schedule

  • 07:00 - 08:30: Early morning practice (movement, meditation, vocal exercises, breath)
  • 08:30 - 09:45: Delicious organic vegan/vegetarian breakfast 
  • 10:00 - 12:00: Morning Practice 
    12:30 - 13:45: Delicious organic vegan/vegetarian lunch
  • 14:00 - 16:00: Free time (meditate, swim, writing, mindful walking, self-practice, sleep)
  • 16:00 - 17:00: Light organic vegan/vegetarian dinner
  • 19:00 - 19:30: Observation
  • 19:30 - 06:30: Sleep



- Accommodation in a cosy, warm and comfortable Swedish sanctuary for healing and transformation called Himladal

- Serene and relaxing environment

- All rooms are shared with 1 or more participants. Couples are welcome. Men and women will be separated

- 3 daily delicious and organic vegan-vegetarian meals - gluten-free options available

- Up to 9 classes in ENGLISH: movement, yoga, guided meditations, dynamic meditations, mindfulness, mindful eating... these skills will increase your resilience to stress in day-to-day life

- Free time to practice, rest, journal, swim or hike

- Gift of 60 day membership to the Awakened Mind mobile app, which will include all the tools covered during the retreat and more

- To ensure an intimate experience, places are limited to 10 persons. A minimum of 6 persons is required for the retreat to take place. The organiser will confirm the retreat 30 days before the start of the retreat.



- Flights 

- Airport transfers (can be arranged on request for SEK 300 per trip)

- Travel and cancellation insurance

Payment information

    Please email retreats@welltowork.org to reserve your space. Upon doing so, you will receive an email confirming availability for your selected dates and confirming a hold period for three days. Initial payment of EUR 500 will be requested. 
    The FULL balance of the payment is due 40 days prior to the retreat start date. If your booking falls within 40 days, full payment will be due immediately. 
    Payments can be made via bank transfer (we recommend www.transferwise.com) or PayPal. Please note that Paypal and credit card payments will be invoiced in SGD and incur a 5% charge and SGD25 admin fee.
    All payments are non-refundable. In the event you cannot attend the retreat, you may find a person to attend in your stead or choose to attend the next retreat organised by Well to Work around the world. For exceptional circumstances please email retreats@welltowork.org. 
    A minimum of 6 sign-ups is required for the retreat to take place. You will be informed 30 days ahead of the retreat if it is postponed to the next one. 


    Day 1, arrival we will start with group orientation at 15:00 followed by a workshop introducing you to the main tools we will be using during the retreat. Dinner will be served at 19:30. 
  • Due to the immersive nature of this retreat, you are welcome to rest when you need, and not required to attend all activities. Tune inwards and stay present to your needs every step of the way. 
  • This retreat is intended for quiet reflection, journaling, meditation and staying present to all that is happening within.

Or email directly at retreats@welltowork.org 



What are the meals served during the retreat?


What is the accommodation like?

I can't sit cross-legged. Can I attend? 

How can I be sure I am capable of doing the meditation?


What is the weather like during the period of the retreat? 


What do I need to bring? 

Why can a course be conducted in silence?

What language is used during the course?

Your facilitator on this unique experience

well to work delphine facilitator, mental health and wellbeing consultant and lawyer

Delphine Supanya Berger believes that finding moments of stillness in our busy lives is the key to wellbeing. She is passionate about assisting people to find effective ways to slow down and give themselves some much needed space to relax, breathe and ‘be’.

At 29, she survived stress-related complications following several burn-outs. During her journey of recovery, mindfulness and extended periods of silence allowed her to discover her innate capacity to heal and affect her body with the power of her mind. Combined with a healthy diet, functional movement and discipline she overhauled her life and embraced a new calling. She founded Well to Work to create modern solutions to address the epidemic of stress. 

Delphine was exposed to silent-mind and mindfulness from childhood through her Thai mother. Delphine regularly attends vipassana retreats around the world and features on the Awakened Mind mobile app, an advanced, structured and complete mindfulness education app. She is a Contact Beyond Contact Level 1 Facilitator and practices qi gong and yoga. She designs wellbeing initiatives for corporations, teaches mindfulness and self-care, facilitates retreats and passionately speaks about the power of the mind. 

Testimonials about your facilitator

“Delphine is a subtle, loving and compassionate person. One of the great benefits of her method is that it reconnects you to your inner world and this is something I could never imagine. The inner world is a place fully of creativity and it presents unlimited resources. This is where I find all the beauty of this simple and intuitive method, which I would actually define more as a philosophy of life, and it is priceless. Thank you Delphine, you are a living inspiration."

Laetitia Guyon - Artistic Director

“She brings energy and positivity into her sessions. With her past encounters which transformed her to be doing what she is doing best now, she is certainly the amazing wellness facilitator that can empower individuals and corporates in work/life balance.”

Ratna Juita - Career Development Strategist

“I learned a great technique for talking with parts of myself and maintaining equilibrium so the internal struggle doesn't feel so acute and difficult to manage. I feel much calmer, happier and less in emotional turmoil."

Amanda Thorpe - Talent & Organisational Change Director

Testimonials about the Retreat Center

“The food was top quality and so delicious. I felt so guided and nurtured. It was a safe place for me to be my true self and heal on the deepest levels. The surroundings and the house was so peaceful and beautiful, I instantly felt at home when I arrived. It really is heaven on earth." 

Katie, Ireland

“From the moment I set foot on Himladal I could feel a wave of calm wash over me. This land is truly magic and the nature and energy is something to be experienced." 

Marianne, Norway

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