Abo​​​​ut Well to Work

Our Founder Delphine Supanya

Delphine supanya berger

Delphine Supanya Berger founded Well to Work to combat what she saw as a shortfall in the ways mental and emotional health issues were addressed in the workplace.

Surviving stress-related complications at age 29, the corporate warrior overhauled her life and habits and embarked on a personal crusade of addressing the epidemic of stress.

She personally experienced that there is a direct correlation between stress and the increasing number of mortalities of executives and employees under the age of 50. 

Before setting up Well to Work, Delphine was a high-powered finance lawyer in London, Paris, Singapore and Bangkok. Previous employers include Clifford Chance, Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft, Ashurst and The Walt Disney Company. 

Delphine foresees a shift towards preventative and personalised wellbeing initiatives in the workplace through on-site education at all levels of hierarchy.

“Too many people are suffering from stress and work-place related illnesses. No one else needs to go through what I have been through. There are tangible steps we take to improve our quality of life. Organisations have an active role to play in offering education to their employees that allow them to take responsibility of their own health so that they can succeed both on personal and professional level. My aim is to offer corporations the opportunity to create safe and thriving work environments through tailored, experiential effective and easy-to-practice long term solutions.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to rid the work environment of stress-related illnesses with powerful solutions to create safe and thriving work environments. 

Your Benefits

Awaken the senses

For better self-awareness, clarity of mind and ability

Balance the mood

Self-regulate the nervous system to eradicate ill effects of stress and strengthen the immune system

Cultivate habits of growth

Improve confidence, flexibility, communication, creativity and energy levels

We introduce human-centric tools and habits that are rooted in our natural instincts. This is what makes them engaging and easy to integrate into any corporate culture. In only a few weeks, participants show significant shifts in wellbeing and become inspiring leaders in self-care and self-regulation.