Our Story

At 29, our founder Delphine, a then corporate lawyer, survived a stroke and healed her paralysis through self-care and mind reset practices that she learned during visions received when her body was short-circuiting in and out of consciousness. 

This event allowed her to understand that building a successful career and business doesn't have to be an unhealthy and painful process. It can be creative, exciting and fulfilling if we are equipped with the right tools. 

Since then, to tackle 21st century mental health and stress-related diseases, she synthesised her visions and personal experience with mind-body focussed modalities into short and effective solutions that are now shared by Well to Work. 

"Anyone can now reconnect to their natural self-regulating abilities to remain healthy and creative in a modern environment where we are constantly stimulated."

Well to Work was founded to bring people-focussed programs to address the worldwide epidemic of stress and the unprecedented mental health challenges that corporations are currently facing. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to rid the work environment of stress-related illnesses with powerful tools and solutions to regulate the impact of stress on the body, improve mental health and help people thrive at work. 

Our Objectives

Awaken the senses

For better self-awareness, clarity of mind and ability

Balance the mood

Self-regulate the nervous system to eradicate ill effects of stress and strengthen the immune system

Cultivate habits of growth

Improve confidence, flexibility, communication, creativity and energy levels

We introduce human-centric tools and habits that are rooted in our natural instincts. This is what makes them engaging and easy to integrate into any corporate culture. In only a few weeks, participants show significant shifts in wellbeing and become inspiring leaders in self-care and self-regulation.