Delphine Supanya Berger corporate wellbeing expert

Delphine Supanya Berger is an expert on wholistic education, an inspirational speaker and the founder of Well to Work and the SupaWell Method. She started as a corporate lawyer but after experiencing burnout, she overhauled her life and embarked on a personal crusade of addressing the epidemic of stress in the workplace and providing resilience training. 

Delphine has extensive training and experience in the use of specialized methodology, tools and approaches in helping clients adopt a wholistic approach to energy management, mental-emotional balance and future-readiness. She is passionate about intelligent combination of modern science and hands-on healing. 

Delphine believes in tailoring her approach to integrate multiple disciplines such as neuroscience, NLP, breatheology, epigenetics, in accessible bite-size experiential learning sessions. 

Key skills: mindfulness, anxiety reduction, emotional health, energy management, healing, self-care, stress management, trauma-informed therapy, non-violent communication, authentic relating, affective touch, theater vocalisations, breathwork

She has trained and coached hundreds of leaders - from CEO to front-line managers, with a client base that includes numerous global multinationals. Delphine is a sought after mindfulness teacher and lectures about mindful working at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore.

"I hold Delphine’s work in the very highest regard.  Her background as a lawyer gives her an approach to enquiry and the need for facts that is very refreshing in the world of wellbeing, whilst acquiring knowledge in applied neuroscience of the way brain and body work together led to her creating her own recovery from a devastating physical disorder.  The great insights she now has into the journey of achieving both physical and emotional health in forging a renewed sense of Self make her unique, in my experience, in her professional approach. 

The highest test by one therapist of another is whether one would refer a member of one’s family.  Delphine passes that test absolutely." 

Dr. Paul T Brown, PHD, Professor of Organisational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland & Visiting Professor, Henley Business School

The SupaWell Method

The SupaWell method is a combination of simple tools that promote awareness and reconnection of mind and body to manage stress, improve health and develop resilience.  

SupaWell combines science-backed methods such as mindufulness, affective touch and breathing exercises with theater vocalisations. 

A clinical study of our signature 30-minute class showed changes in heart rate variability and resistance to stress. Participants consistently report increase in productivity on the day of the class, heightened focus and improved quality of sleep. 

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