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Organisations like Google, Nike, Goldman Sachs and Apple have implemented wellbeing and mindfulness programs as integral aspects of their workplace environment. They have seen a 7% decrease in healthcare costs and a productivity gain of nearly $3000 USD per employee, representing a 11-to-1 return on their investment into workplace wellness.

Workplace Challenges

People are working longer, harder and becoming more stressed.

The World Health Organisation stated that stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century.

Willis Towers Watson’s earlier 2017 Benefits Trends Survey found that about 60% of employees admitted to having above average or high levels of stress. However, only 27% of employers are actually taking acts to reduce work-related stress.

Problems faced in the workplace include

Reduced productivity and motivation

High turnover

Difficulty fostering leadership and
collaborative mindsets

Decreased mental & physical health. Low efficiency and energy

Unharmonious work culture

Death and suicide

How can Well to Work help? 

Simple, Fresh & Effective Tools

Well to Work offers mental, emotional and self-care tools that are simple, fresh and effective in enhancing well-being whilst optimising performance and creativity. Well To Work designs educational, fun programs and experiences, enabling corporations to integrate healthy work habits in a safe work environment.

Grounded in our Natural Instincts

Well to Work creates programs and experiences specially for corporate settings. Every tool can be performed in work attire sitting at a desk or standing. Well to Work utilises a number of methods that are grounded in our natural instincts, designed to regulate the brain to re-align the creative mind and engage the body optimally. 

Engaging and Well-Integrated

Our programs and experiences are engaging and cultivate compassionate camaraderie between team members. Each practice activates the participants' senses, providing an embodied and balancing experience. These tools are stored on our mobile app Awakened Mind which participants have access to remotely, anytime, anywhere. Group workshops, talks, coaching and corporate retreats are also included in the programs. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I would recommend Well to Work's services to any organization that would like to positively increase the levels of engagement, mental health, collaborative corporate culture, wellness and Happiness!”

Dion Jensen - Author & Corporate Trainer

“Relaxing and great for mood regulation. I started out in meditation class a skeptic and I am now a convert.”

Puay Tin Teo - Executive Director, Standard Chartered Bank

“I'm excited to see the work that Well to Work is doing to support progressive organisations in helping their people to achieve better balance and well being come to life."

Amanda Thorpe - Talent & Organisational Change Director

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